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We build tailor-made Bioreactors to meet the process requirements of our customers.

A bioreactor is an engineered system which support the growth of animal cells for production of vaccines or monoclonal antibodies. Integral scaling, improved component designs and extensive product inventory makes this the most user-friendly bioreactor available.

The bioreactors designed by us can be operated in batch, fed batch and continuous mode of operation. Also the system is designed for growth of mammalian cells. It is available in fully automated or semi-automated models.

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Our Bioreactor : Features

• GMP compliant : 21CFR-Part 11 compliant automation –PLC with SCADA
• We use only lightly reputed material of components for reliability
• All critical lines and points are monitored during sterilisation.
• Magnetic agitators with combination of Rushton and segment blades impeller for best mixing and gas transfer in a shear sensitive environment
• ASME BPE compliant design
• Unique oxygen control program with flexibility for operator choose and prioritise between agitation, air, oxygen, nitrogen
• Retractable sensors for pH& O2 as option.
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