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The TFF systems are designed for cassette type filters or hollow fibre membrane based on customer requirement. Typically used for concentration and dia-filtration, they are designed to take filters of various reputed manufacturers. The system can also be designed for special filters if required. Systems are available with or without vessel and in both fully automated or semi-automatic versions.

Our supporting services ease the implementation of TFF technologies into your processes through training, trials, validation, and technical support.

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Our TFF System : Features

• Fluid engineering at its best to protect sensitive proteins
• Positive displacement Gear Pump to meet exact flow velocity for the membranes and also the CIP requirements
• Inbuilt CIP and SIP programs
• Automatic TMP maintenance throughout
• Special block valve on recovery line to prevent any loss of concentrated product
• Automatic TMP maintenance throughout
• PLC controlled with 21 CFR-Part 11 compliant SCADA
• Special tulip bottom vessel for very high concentrations
• Easy to integrate with Buffer and WFI lines
• Option of SIP with or without TFF membranes in place
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